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It Started Off As a Terrible Day...

Let me set the scene for this true and epic experience: Covid-19 has happened to all of us worldwide. While it is different for everyone, we are all affected, and there is no escaping.

I decided that taking root and having a place where I can work and have a sanctuary at the same time is what I needed after the initial lockdown period.

The process seemed simple at first glance: call the movers in LA that took care of my storage and find movers to move the contents of the storage unit from the West Coast to the Midwest. After several written quotes, with most in the same price range, I chose the person who seemed the friendliest and who guaranteed a binding contract, meaning that they cannot change and add value on top of the agreed-upon price...

Read the rest of the story on the blog.


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Solomon Powell
Solomon Powell
Jun 30, 2020

I am so glad that this worked out in the end for you and Bobbie. What a way to make an entrance into the neighborhood.

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