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Gabriella van Rij

Founder of the Movement

I am so happy to have a platform that brings people together from all walks of life, to be able to share our stories to good bad and the ugly which brings us closer together than ever before.



Bobbie Folsom


I actually never believed in kindness until meeting the founder, who showed me that there is a real difference between being kind or being nice! I apply this on a daily basis in my life.


Solomon Powell

Lead Promoter

I am honored to be a part of this team that is taking the lead on kindness and helping to educate the world on what it really means and how to apply this in all aspects of life.

Kindness instigators are individuals that spread Kindness in their own 2-mile radius and in doing so they are the embodiment of what the #D2BK Movement stands for.

We often feel that acts of Kindness have to be spectacular but the truth is that as long as you are able to touch someone else, that is what the founder calls "being the difference".




It only takes:

One Moment

One Person

One Kindness.

To BE the difference!

Hannah Ras

I actually never believed in kindness until meeting the founder, who showed me that there is a real difference between being kind or being nice! I apply this on a daily basis in my life.

Zeist, the Netherlands


Megan Fragola

Humankind is meant to be kind (it’s quite literally in our name). I believe that all humans regardless of age, gender, color, religion, sexual orientation, or any other defining factor that makes them unique, deserve to be loved and treated with kindness. My hope is that this movement inspires you, as it has inspired me, to live every day in kindness.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Megan Fragola.jpg

Emma Bertram

My biggest lesson I would like to share is that you define yourself. Once you realize that nobody defines you, that is truly the moment no one can stop you from making a difference. Be kind, be you, and keep moving forward!.

Moline, IL, USA


Tanairy Robles

As a videographer, it’s my job to make sure people see the deeper message within the footage. For example, messages such as kindness or not judging others. Shining a light on serious matters is important because just like music, i️t helps people figure out what they want or need to feel better. At the end of the day, it’s about helping others, which comes from kindness.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Tanairy Robles.jpg

Seth Finley

We are affected by negativity in many ways, but in general, no one has the energy to deal with it. So let’s see if we can minimize it from the world as much as possible.

Lander, WY, USA


Don Lawson

Please turn off your negative autopilot and develop a kindness toolbox filled with your successes, no matter how small they may seem. (I just turned off mine.) With daily attention to nurturing yourself and dipping into your kindness toolbox, you can slowly build your self-trust and trust that you are doing the best you can at any given moment. D2BK to yourself!

San Francisco, CA, USA


Melissa Sosa

Kindness is love in action. Love is the root of all good. Spreading positivity, like kindness, creates such beautiful energy. We need to evolve or become extinct as a human race. We need to re-learn how to value, love and respect one another. We need to surrender and know that teamwork really makes the dream work! We can't do this alone. This is why I joined the D2BK movement! It doesn't cost anything to be kind. The time to evolve is now!

Los Angeles, CA, USA


Solomon Powell

I believe kindness is strength and that we must show kindness to ourselves—physically, spiritually, and emotionally—in order to show kindness to others. Kindness begins at home, and when children witness the kindness between parents and experience their parents’ kindness towards them, children are then able to express that kindness to others. It’s my goal to take action and help strengthen others in kindness with kindness. This is why I’ve become a Kindness Instigator.

Davenport, IA, USA


Dzanella Tihic

Enschede, The Netherlands


Megan Rauschenberger

Kindness saved my life. I went through a dark, traumatic experience that took me to the rock bottom of my life. To recover, I came up with a one-year pilgrimage that combined various therapies, including music therapy, kindness therapy, and silly therapy. And the kindness part was what connected me back to humanity, which I had been pulled away from. Don’t be ashamed of your story or where you’ve come from.

Milwaukee, WI, USA


Kindness should be a natural way of life for all of us. Being kind to others instills in us a positive feeling and makes this world a better place in which to live. I believe kindness is the key to a lot of problems we’re faced with today. Being kind never means you are weak. Kindness is a strength. This is the reason I started NXT FOCUS to help others live their best life, and it’s also the reason I became a Kindness Instigator.

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