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We DARE you
to be


Our silence is complicity.
Become an active witness today.

All it takes is 1 act of kindness
within your
2-mile radius
to BE the difference!

Blame is not the cure for society today. Only action truly is.

"Kindness only grows

more Kindness."

Our vision is a
SAFER world.

Our method

the vehicle is YOU!

Our Purpose

The mission of “#DaretobeKind - a Global Movement” is to reveal how being kind can be used in practical ways to build safer communities and healthier relationships.

Our Part

One person’s purposeful act of Kindness within a 2-mile radius can launch positive and exceptional outcomes within governments, industries, justice systems, and throughout every sector of society. Will you dare to do your part?

Our Purpose

I took my pain and turned it into my greatest strength, which in turn,

made me

the cause's best ally,

and so can you!

About the Founder

Widely known as the Kindness expert, Gabriella van Rij [pronounced “ray”] articulated what would become the Dare To Be Kind - A Global Movement in 2010, while writing her first book With All My Might.


She expanded on the concept during her travels and speaking engagements in 2012 with the Dare To Be Kind campaign, which gathered momentum and is now a full-fledged Kindness movement with Kindness instigators across the globe. In January 2020, Gabriella published Kindness Is A Choice, a down-to-earth guide on how to solve workplace conflicts, relationship friction, and societal issues with this one startling conviction.


Visit here for more about Gabriella van Rij

About the Author

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The Kindness Expert brings...

The untapped Kindness advantage to both the workplace and to your personal life.

Creating Safer Communities

The key to safer communities
and healthier relationships is within reach when Kindness is central.

Giving Practical Applications

The role Kindness plays in effective, successful communication is not negligible; it is attainable.

Lasting Global Repercussions

A SAFER world starts with home-spun, community-based Kindness, which creates lasting change.

Featured Stories

We interview people, organizations and Kindness Instigators around the world that are being the difference for others through
one purposeful act of Kindness!

Featured Stories
Kindness Stories

Kindness Stories

Read up on real-life experiences –
the good, the bad, and the beautiful.